India has surrounded it on both strategic and economic fronts to teach China a lesson. So far, Dragon has started stuttering after the ban on 59 apps from China showing arrogance in Ladakh in India. New Delhi has also taken up diplomatic weapons to surround China and so far India has been questioning this law in a gesture and has heard it bluntly, in silence in Hong Kong.

India’s statement, close watch on the events of Hong Kong
At the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Wednesday, India said that making Hong Kong a special administrative region is a domestic affair but India is closely monitoring the recent developments. Rajiv Chander, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, said, “We have heard many statements expressing concern over these recent events.” We hope that the concerned parties will take care of these things and resolve it appropriately, seriously and fairly. ‘ However, India did not name China in its statement.

India’s statement on the Hong Kong issue for the first time
India made this statement during the discussion on the human rights situation in the world. India has spoken on the issue of Hong Kong for the first time. The statement comes after China’s aggressive attitude on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and violent clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley last month. Both countries have been under tension in Ladakh for more than a month.

America openly joined India in dispute with China
India’s statement comes on the day of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement in which he supported the ban on Chinese apps in India. Pompeo had said that India’s clean app approach would strengthen its sovereignty, integrity and national security.

27 countries besiege China at Hong Kong in UNHRC
According to sources, the US wants India to speak on China on the issue of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, China’s new law is talking about human rights violations of the people there. 27 countries in the UNHRC have asked China to reconsider the new law enacted in Hong Kong.

Only India had kept silence in Quad countries till now
Among the Quad (India, US, Japan and Australia) nations, India is the only country that has not spoken on the issue of Hong Kong. Australia, the United States, Britain and Canada have criticized China’s new legislation. Japan has also supported the free and open Hong Kong. India is the only Quad country that did not make any public statement on this issue.

Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chelani tweeted, “China is violating the UN treaty in Hong Kong but India has not said anything on this issue.” India did not give any statement on the atrocities on Muslims in China. India remained silent on China’s actions in the SCS. But China raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in the UNSC. ‘


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