After India, after banning 59 Chinese apps, America has also given a big blow to China. The United States has now banned the export of the original US state-of-the-art defense equipment and technologies following the announcement of the National Security Act on Hong Kong. US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio announced these restrictions on Tuesday.

Pompeo tweeted, “Today the US is going to ban Hong Kong on exporting defense equipment and dual use sensitive technologies.” If Beijing considers Hong Kong as a country, a system, then we must understand it also. Earlier, during the press briefing, the US Secretary of State had attacked China fiercely.

‘Decision taken to protect America’s national security’
The US foreign minister said, “China’s Communist Party’s decision to end Hong Kong’s independence has given the Trump administration an opportunity to re-evaluate its policies regarding Hong Kong.” As China is moving towards passing the National Security Act, the US is preventing Hong Kong defense equipment of American origin. ‘

He said that this decision has been taken to protect America’s national security. Pompeo said that we will no longer distinguish whether these devices are being exported to Hong Kong or to China. We cannot take the risk that these tools and techniques reach the Chinese Army People’s Liberation whose main objective is to maintain the dictatorship of the Communist Party in any way.

China warns to ban visa
On the other hand, China said on Monday that it would impose visa restrictions on US officials who showed a ‘wrong attitude’ on issues related to Hong Kong. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced this in his daily briefing, but did not provide detailed information. It is not clear yet whether this step will only target the officials of the US government or the officials of the private sector will also be targeted.

China has said this at a time when the national security law brought by it for Hong Kong is likely to be approved on Tuesday. Critics say that this law will limit opposition politics and freedom of expression in Hong Kong. On this issue, the US says that it will respond by ending favorable trading facilities given to Hong Kong. Zhao once again reiterated China’s stance that this law is purely an internal matter of China and no country has the right to intervene in it.


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