The three forces have been given financial powers up to Rs 500 crore per project for the purchase of weapons and ammunition required for the fighting amidst ongoing tension along the border with China. The military may need these weapons if a dispute with China escalates.

A senior government official said, the Deputy Chiefs of the three services have been given financial powers to purchase up to Rs 500 crore per project. These rights are given for the purchase of weapons required under the Fast Track Procedure. This will help to meet the shortage of arms and ammunition for the army.

Why the right granted?
The need to give this financial authority to the armies was felt in view of the ongoing conflict with China in eastern Ladakh for the past several days. A large number of troops have been deployed along the 3500 km border with China.

Airforce took advantage
The Airforce has benefited the most from these financial powers as it has purchased many weapons using it. These included the Spice-2000 Air to Ground Stand of Missile, the Strum Atak Air to Ground Missile as well as several air-to-air missiles.

The army has purchased Spike anti-tank guided missiles from Israel and precision guided munitions from the US. The main reason for granting these financial powers to the three armies is that in emergency, they should be fully prepared on short notice.

Stress on China border
For the past several weeks, the forces of India and China have been face to face in eastern Ladakh. On 15 June, this tension reached a peak when violent clashes erupted between the two sides in the Galvan valley. In this, 20 soldiers of India received Veergati. More than 40 soldiers of China are also reported to have been injured in this, but China has not officially confirmed it.

Indian forces have been on alert since this incident. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has asked the army to give a befitting reply to any adventurous Chinese. The Air Force and Navy have also been put on alert to respond to any Chinese action.


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