Fueled by China’s aggression and expansionist policies, people are now taking to the streets worldwide. Indian American, Tibetan and Taiwanese citizens demonstrated fiercely against China at Times Square in New York. During this time people also saw posters like Boycott China and Stop Chinese Abuse. Two days ago there were tremendous performances against China in Chicago.

People on the Times Square
On the historic Times Square, a large number of Indian-American people demonstrated against China and raised Bharat Mata ki Jai and other patriotic slogans. At the same time, he also sought to boycott China’s (China) economic aggression against India and isolate it at diplomatic level.

Times Square from Boycott China
Indians living in New York and New Jersey and Confederation of Indian Associations (FIA) officials shouted slogans such as Boycott China, Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Stop Chinese Aggression. Protesters demonstrated by wearing face masks in the wake of the Corona virus global epidemic. In their hands were the posters of Salute the martyred soldiers.

Tibetan and Taiwanese people also join
Members of the Tibetan and Taiwanese communities also attended the demonstration. He stood with Tibet India, took posters of human rights, religions of minority communities, justice for Hong Kong, stopped crimes against China humanity, and Boycott China. Community leaders, Prem Bhandari and Jagdish Sehwani, organized the demonstration on Friday.

People said – will give a terrible answer to China
Bhandari, president of Jaipur Foot USA, said that today’s India is different from 1962 India. We will not tolerate Chinese aggression and its international bullying. We will give a befitting reply to China’s arrogance. He said that the Indian community was deeply distressed by the martyrdom of 20 (Indian) soldiers in a violent skirmish with Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh.


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