Facing worldwide criticism over Hong Kong and the Corona virus, China has now openly threatened Australia. The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that we appeal to Australia to stop interfering in our case immediately. It would be like picking up a rock and hitting it on your foot.

Australia also canceled extradition treaty with Hong Kong
Australia, following the US, UK, Canada, has also canceled the extradition treaty with Hong Kong due to apprehensions arising out of China’s national security law. After which Australia and Hong Kong will not be able to extradite anyone from their jurisdiction. Apart from this, Australia has also offered the people of Hong Kong to settle here and extend the visa period.

The people of Hong Kong are invited to Australia
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that people doing business in Hong Kong can come if they want to come to Australia. It is believed that this ongoing announcement by Australia may take serious tension between the two countries.

Australia and China tense
Angered by Australia’s questions about the Corona virus, China has begun to tighten financially. Recently, the Chinese government issued an advisory to its citizens not to go to Australia. Not only this, China has also banned many goods imported from Australia.

China is also threatened by Canada
After Huawei, tensions between China and Canada are increasing over Hong Kong. After which China reacted sharply and said that Canada should be ready to bear the consequences. Meanwhile, China has issued a warning to its citizens not to travel to Canada. China has said that citizens should take special care of local security situation. The Chinese Embassy in Toronto released this information on social media app WeChat.

Canada gave a shock regarding Hong Kong
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau terminated his extradition treaty with Hong Kong a few days earlier. In addition, Canada also banned the export of military equipment to Hong Kong. Canada has taken this step after implementing the disputed National Security Law of China over Hong Kong.


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