The Chinese dragon, which has been showing greatness from South China Sea to Ladakh, has now laid claim to a new land in Bhutan. At the 58th meeting of the Global Environment Facility Council, China described the land of the Sakateng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan as ‘disputed’. Also tried to ‘oppose’ the funding of this project. Bhutan strongly opposed China’s move and described the land as an integral part.

Contrary to China’s claim, the reality is that there was never a dispute over the sanctuary land in previous years. However, there is no border between Bhutan and China. Bhutan strongly opposed this nefarious move of China. Bhutan objected to this claim by China, saying, “The Sakateng Wildlife Sanctuary is an integral and sovereign part of Bhutan.”

Wildlife Sanctuary is not part of any global funding
According to the India Today report, the interesting thing in this whole controversy was that this wildlife sanctuary has never been a part of any global funding. When it came to giving money to this sanctuary for the first time, China seized the opportunity and staked its claim on the land. The council gave its approval to the project even after China’s opposition.

While China has a representative in the Council, Bhutan has no direct representative. Bhutan was represented by India’s senior IAS officer Aparna Subramani who is in charge of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka in the World Bank. Earlier on June 2, when each project was being discussed according to the project, Chinese Council member Zhongjing Wang objected to it. He asked to file this objection.


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