The popularity of Desi App Friends (Mitron) has increased significantly. The Friends app has been rapidly downloaded after the ban on TicketLock from the Government of India. Alam is that the download of this app on Play Store has exceeded 25 million i.e. 25 million. The Friends app was also removed from the Play Store for some time for some reasons. After which the app developers removed the technical flaws and the app is again available on the Play Store. Many content creators are registering on this app after the ban on TickTalk.

10 million videos are being created every day
App developers say that more than 40 million videos are being viewed every hour on the Friends app, while 10 million videos are being created every day on this platform. This app was launched in India in April.

Chigari app is also becoming popular
Among the apps that are popular after the ban on TickTalk is the Chigari app. Videos can be uploaded and downloaded in the Chigari app. Apart from this, creativity can be done with chatting with friends, interacting with new people, browsing WhatsApp with WhatsApp status, videos, audio clips, GIF stickers and photos. In view of the great response received by the Spark app, now many investors are showing interest in investing in this app. Developers say that after the support of good investors, this app can be made a better free of cost social media platform.


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