India has intensified its activities along the border amid tension with China over the LAC. The Indian Air Force had already deployed its war planes at the airbase near the border. Now Apache helicopters along with Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MKI and MiG-29 aircraft are also seen flying over the border. The Indian Army is conducting an air operation along the China border. From this, it can be guessed that India has given a message to China that no compromise will be made in any case.

India has come back to gear after China’s nefarious activities and violent clashes in the Galvan Valley. Looking at the arrogance of China, India deployed its aircraft on the border. Mig, Sukhoi and Hercules aircraft were already deployed on the border, but now they are often seen flying near the border. Sources say that the three forces have been asked to be ready to deal with any situation.

A squadron leader posted on the LAC said that the Indian Air Force is fully prepared on all the bases and can face any challenge. He said, the enthusiasm of the soldiers is always high and they are ready to touch the heights of the sky. Let us know that on Friday, Prime Minister Modi also reached Leh to give a strong message to the soldiers and encouraging China. He also lashed out at the expansionist China and during the meeting with the injured soldiers said that India has neither bowed nor bowed before anyone.

Apache helicopter features
These combat helicopters are made by American company Boeing. Its total weight is around 6838 kg. They can fly at a maximum speed of 279 km per hour. It has two turboshaft engines. It has the capability of air to air missiles, rockets and guns. Its height is about 15.24 feet and the wings extend to 17.15 feet.

An army officer said that the Indian Air Force plays a very important role during the war. Along with the war, it also works for the support of the army and also delivers the necessary goods. He said that the army is ready for any situation.


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