China is occupying Asia due to its aggressive attitude and expansionary policies. Tensions between India and China in Ladakh are at the peak, while the dragon has a dispute with Japan over islands in the East China Sea. Meanwhile, the Indian and Japanese Navy have conducted joint maneuvers to combat China’s growing threats in the Indian Ocean.

Japan maneuvers with Indian Navy
The Japanese Navy tweeted that on 27 June JS KASHIMA and JS SHIMAYUKI of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force conducted an exercise in the Indian Ocean with INS Rana and INS Kulish of the Indian Navy. Through this, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force increased its understanding and cooperation with the Indian Navy.

Recently a Japanese warship chased a Chinese submarine
Japanese destroyer warship Kaiga detected a Chinese submarine within 24 nautical miles near Okinawa Island in southern Japan. After which the Japanese Navy came into action with the help of its patrolling aircraft and drove the Chinese submarine out of its waters. Let us tell you that in 2018 Japan also caught a Chinese submarine in its catchment.

Japan’s dispute with Japan over islands
There is a dispute between China and Japan over the islands located in the East China Sea. Both countries lay claim to these uninhabited islands. Those are known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaos in China. The administration of these islands has been in Japanese hands since 1972. At the same time, China claims that these islands come under its jurisdiction and Japan should give up its claim. Not only this, the Communist Party of China has even threatened military action to capture it.

Which countries in Asia are threatened by China
India is most threatened by China’s expansionist policies in Asia. A direct example of this is found in the gathering of the Chinese army in Ladakh. Apart from this, tension is also high in China and Japan on the islands located in the East China Sea. Recently, Japan had driven a Chinese submarine out of its waters. China has also openly threatened the use of military force on Taiwan. These days Chinese fighter jets have also violated Taiwan’s airspace several times. At the same time, China also has disputes with the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia.

China is running a power game at sea
‘Forced occupation’ in South China Sea has intensified. Last Sunday, China renamed 80 sites of the South China Sea. Of these, 25 are islands and reefs, while the remaining 55 are underwater geographic structures. It is a sign of Chinese occupation of parts of the sea that are covered by the 9-dash line. The line is considered illegal according to international law. This move of China has increased the tension of not only its smaller neighbors but also India and America.


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