The people of Tibet settled in Canada have thanked India. Here the people of Tibet have expressed their gratitude to the Indian Army by raising slogans. There are slogans in Canada’s torrents – ‘Thank you Indian Army’ and the voice of these slogans has gone to China and on the other side has reached America.

Tibetan demonstration in Toronto
The whole world is watching what is happening between India and China, but those people of Tibet who live outside Tibet and want the freedom of their country, they are seen as the representatives of India. And there is no doubt that if they get the most support, then that country will be India which is their neighbor. The patriotic people of Tibet who have settled in Canada demonstrated against enemy China and raised slogans in support of Indian army along with opposing China.

Protest outside the Chinese Embassy
Deshpremio, who lives in Canada, Tibet, protested here against China. They chose the Chinese embassy for the protest and gathered in front of the embassy and shouted slogans. In this protest in Toronto, the Tibetan Youth Congress expressed its gratitude to the Indian Army and also shouted slogans seeking independence for its hostile country, Tibet.

Tibetan Youth Congress outspoken
In Canada, people who want Tibet’s independence have formed their own political group. This political group of Tibetans, called the Tibetan Youth Congress, demonstrated in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, and raised the echo of slogans in support of the Indian Army to Beijing and Washington.


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