IND vs AUS: It’s beyond my understanding why there is so much talk about pitch: Ravichandran Ashwin

Pitch refers to the perceived highness or lowness of a sound, and it is an important aspect of music and speech. Pitch accuracy refers to the ability to produce sounds at a specific pitch, which is critical for singing and playing musical instruments. There are many factors that can affect pitch accuracy, including the individual’s voice type, vocal technique, musical ear, and musical training.

As for why there is so much talk about pitch and pitch accuracy, it is because it plays a crucial role in musical expression and communication. A slight deviation from the correct pitch can affect the overall quality of a musical performance, making it sound less musical or less expressive. Pitch accuracy is also important in speech, as it can affect how people understand and interpret what is being said.

In conclusion, pitch and pitch accuracy are important aspects of music and speech, and it is necessary to pay attention to these factors to produce high-quality musical and speech performances.

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