The US says Xi didn’t know about the balloon. That raises even more questions.

  1. Why did the US assume that Xi Jinping was unaware of the balloon incident?
  2. What kind of intelligence or information does the US have to support this claim?
  3. If Xi Jinping was indeed unaware, what does that say about the level of communication and information flow within the Chinese government?
  4. Is it possible that the incident was kept hidden from the President for political or strategic reasons?
  5. How will this revelation impact the relationship between the US and China?
  6. Could this be a sign of internal power struggles or dissent within the Chinese government?
  7. What implications does this have for international relations and global politics?
  8. These are some of the questions that may arise from the US statement that Xi Jinping was unaware of the balloon incident. The answers to these questions could shed light on the dynamics of the Chinese government and its relationship with other countries.

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