Chinese scientists have detected a strain of the flu that can become an epidemic like the corona virus. The virus G4 EA H1N1 has recently been discovered and is found inside swine. Scientists said that this virus has the potential to infect humans as well. Researchers are afraid that this virus can spread more easily from one person to another by mutating more.

This may pose an epidemic threat throughout the world. Chinese scientists said that the flu virus has all the symptoms that it can infect humans. This virus needs close monitoring. He said that since this virus is new, people will either have very little immunity or will not.

The danger of epidemic in the world
Worrying news for the world is that this new breed of influenza is among the top diseases that experts are keeping an eye on. That too when the world is struggling to eradicate the corona virus. The last flu pandemic in the world came in 2009 and it was called Swine Flu at that time. Starting with Mexico, this swine flu was not as deadly as anticipated.

Disease resistance was also found within the elderly against swine flu. The virus A / H1N1pdm09 is now covered under the flu vaccine that occurs every year. The flu virus identified in China is similar to the 2009 swine flu but some changes have also been found in it. There is no immediate threat from this virus, but we have to keep a close watch on it.

The current vaccine is not effective against this virus
This new virus has the ability to multiply its cells manifold inside G4 EA H1N1. Scientists have had to talk to Chinese officials. The current vaccine of the flu is not able to protect against this virus. Professor Qin Cho Chang said that we are currently in a corona crisis. But we are not yet trying to divert our attention from potentially dangerous viruses.

Chang said that this virus is not a threat to us right now, but we should not ignore it. Scientists said that steps must be taken to stop the virus inside the boar itself. Apart from this, it will have to be applied to the people working there as well. Scientists have warned that there is a danger of more viruses coming forward.


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