India got support from India, on the other hand, the anger of America erupted on China. Opposing the persecution of China over Hong Kong, US President Donald Trump said that this is the real face of the Communist Party running the Chinese government.

China’s attitude is aggressive
There has been worldwide opposition to the border dispute provoked by China forcibly with India. The United States has been vocal on this issue and supported India and called it China’s aggressive attitude towards India. White House press secretary Kelly McKenney issued a statement citing US President Donald Trump that China’s aggressive attitude towards India and other countries in the South Asian region is the real face of the China Communist Party government.

Got clear support from america
The US has given direct support to India directly and has warned China for the aggressive attitude shown towards all its neighboring countries, especially India. In a statement issued to China by the US, it has been said that the way China is continuously aggressive against India is unacceptable and it needs to rethink its policy.

America has equal eyesight
White House press secretary Kelly McEneny, in a US statement issued referring to US President Donald Trump, said that the United States has an equal eye on the ongoing border disputes and tensions in East Ladakh. McEneny said that the President is also eyeing that China’s stand on the India-China border is aggressive.


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