The ongoing dispute between China and Australia is now looking deeper. Troubled by the continuing economic siege and cyber attacks by the Chinese government, Australia has decided to further strengthen its military in the Indo-Pacific region. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison has also announced the purchase of new weapons for the military. In addition, in the Asia Pacific region, Australia will increase its military deployment in several important areas.

Australia will strengthen Super Hornet fleet
PM Morison announced on Wednesday that Australia would be changing the country’s defense strategy, including the purchase of long-range anti-ship missiles, to strengthen its fleet of Super Hornet fighter jets. Australia has taken such a step to protect allies, allies and the mainland.

Preparations to buy hypersonic missile also
According to the new announcement, Australia is also considering the purchase of a long range surface to surface missile and surface to air missile that can be launched from this ground. Apart from this, there is also a readiness to talk to the US about the purchase of hypersonic missiles. Explain that America is Australia’s biggest contributor in the Asia Pacific region.

Australia is afraid of this
According to Australian media reports, China and North Korea have tested several long range missiles in recent times. Many of which are capable of hitting 5500 kilometers. Since then, Australia has needed to make this purchase as a defensive strategy.

Tensions in Australia and China peak
Angered by Australia’s questions about the Corona virus, China has begun to tighten financially. Recently, the Chinese government issued an advisory to its citizens not to go to Australia. Not only this, China has also banned many goods imported from Australia.


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