Chinese companies are now being banned from other countries besides India. First, India canceled the contracts of many Chinese companies. After that, 59 Chinese apps have been banned. Now America has started action against China. The US Federal Communications Commission voted 5-0 on Tuesday, calling China’s tech company Huawei and ZTE a national threat.

Government stopped the fund
Along with this, the Trump government has stopped the $ 8.3 billion fund for American companies to buy equipment. The American telecom regulator voted 5-0 in November.

Equipments of both Chinese companies to be removed
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has clearly stated that the telecom companies will have to remove the equipment of these two Chinese companies from their infrastructure. FCC chairman Ajit Pai said that we will not allow the Chinese Communist Party to play with American security.

Currently not responding to ZTE and Huawei
There is currently no immediate response from ZTE and Huawei regarding the FCC order. However, when there was a vote against him in November, he strongly condemned the FCC’s action. FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said China’s equipment could not be trusted. He said that the US Congress should release funds to replace it.


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