There was a violent skirmish between the Indian and Chinese forces in the Galvan Valley on the LAC in Ladakh. In this, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, while many soldiers were killed in China. However, China did not share any public information about the number of its soldiers killed. But sources said that after the incident, the bodies of Chinese soldiers were scattered in the valley which was handed over to China by the Indian security forces.

Indian soldiers attacked. His first attack was on Havildar Palani of 16 Bihar Regiment. After the injury to Palani, the soldiers of Bihar Regiment became very aggressive and despite raining stones from the altitude, the Indian soldiers continued to fight bravely. That night the violent clash lasted for about 3 hours. During this time many Chinese army soldiers were killed and many were injured.

The next morning, when the situation became relatively normal, the bodies of Chinese soldiers were seen scattered in the open. Later the bodies of his soldiers were handed over to China. It is being told that during this skirmish there were 100 soldiers from India while there were more than 350 soldiers from China. But during this time the soldiers of Bihar Regiment removed the Chinese tent at Petroling Point 14.


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