BoycottChina, Army with bullet, Civilians with wallet, BoycottChineseApp

After the incident of Chinese army attack on Indian soldiers, common people have got angry towards China. There is also anger against China among traders. Traders have announced not to sell Chinese goods. Traders say that the central government should not delay in completely banning Chinese goods. At the same time, China should give a befitting reply.

On Monday night, there has also been a sharp reaction from traders regarding the violent clash in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. The Indian market is full of Chinese products. Television, computers, mobile phones, chargers, headphones, refrigerators, fans, coolers, small children’s toys, cosmetic items, etc., mostly come from China.

Even medical goods are imported from China. The traders have appealed to the government to give a befitting reply to China, saying that the whole country is standing with the government at this time.

Government should give a befitting reply to China
The action taken by China is unfortunate despite India’s efforts to relieve tension. The government should give a befitting reply to China. Traders in the city have decided not to sell Chinese goods. The government should ban Chinese goods altogether.

We oppose this nefarious act of China. The government should ban goods imported from China so that Chinese goods do not reach the market. Women are also ready to take up the front to answer China.

Despite India’s soft behavior, China’s grandeur is reprehensible. Despite India’s efforts to reduce tensions, China forced the Indian Army into violent skirmishes. The government should ban the import of Chinese goods.

The government should avenge our soldiers martyred in violent clashes with China. China should give a befitting reply and realize the power of New India. Everyone should boycott China products.


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