In response to China’s National Security Act, Britain has decided to grant citizenship of Hong Kong to UK citizenship. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in Parliament on Wednesday, the day of the enactment of this law in Hong Kong, that we stand for rules and obligations with our old partner. Under this law, 30 million Hong Kong residents will be given the opportunity to settle in Britain.

PM Johnson targeted China
Johnson said Hong Kong’s independence is being violated through the new security law. We will give British citizenship to the people affected by it through the British National Overseas Status. Please tell that about 300,000 people of Hong Kong already have British citizenship. However, 26 lakh other people are also entitled to citizenship under this law.

Britain was granted status in the 1980s
Britain granted special status to British National Overseas passport holders in the 1980s. But right now their rights are limited. These people can come to the UK for 6 months without a visa. Under the government’s plans all British expatriates and their dependents will be given the right to live in the UK. This also includes their right to work and study.

How Hong Kong came into Britain’s possession
The British Army captured Hong Kong for the first time by defeating China in the First Opium War in 1942. In the second opium war that followed, China faced further defeat at the hands of Britain. In 1898, Britain leased some additional areas from China on a 99-year lease to strengthen its position in the region. Hong Kong progressed rapidly under British rule.

Story of handing over to China
In 1982, Britain started handing over Hong Kong to China, which was completed in 1997. China promised to give autonomy to Hong Kong under a two-country system. China had said that Hong Kong would get all kinds of independence except foreign and defense matters for the next 50 years. China later made it a Special Administrative Region under an agreement.


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