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Chinese President Xi Jinping is seen losing his own party due to the Corona virus epidemic and subsequent macroeconomic slowdown. Violent clashes along the border with India on Tuesday also appear to be part of the plan to show Chinfing as a strong leader. The state-controlled media disseminates Chinfing as a decisive leader and China as a strong nation while the truth is quite the opposite. Let me tell you that on Monday, three Indian Army soldiers were martyred in the conflict over LAC, while there is also news of heavy damage on the Chinese side.

Chinese President’s grip on party loosened
China expert and China Neican media outlet co-founder Adam Ni said the Corona virus epidemic has exposed the truth of Xi Jinping’s hold on the Chinese communist party. Analyzing China’s aggressive behavior, he said that some people are maliciously promoting China as a monolithic country.

China is divided into pieces
He said that the ruling party of China is fully plagued by malfeasance and its leaders on establishing world domination while the reality is that China is divided into pieces. The leaders of the Communist Party are contradictory among themselves. They are simply forcibly holding each other in hard times.

Chinese leaders are busy building the image of the country
Kennedy, an expert in Chinese Economics and Business at the Center for Strategic, said the Communist Party has ordered all leaders to be active to compensate for the damage done to the country’s image due to the corona virus. Due to which Chinese leaders are seen protecting social interests of China in large numbers these days. He also said that the growth rate that China has talked about is untenable in many cases.

Corona lost billions to China
Scort Kennedy said China suffered between $ 60 million and $ 100 million due to the corona virus. He said that according to the estimates of the International Monetary Fund, China’s growth rate for 2020 will be only 1.2 percent. The target set by Chinese communist portie is not correct.

Unemployment rate increased in China
J. Michael Cole, Senior Fellow of the Global Taiwan Institute, said that due to the corona virus, the unemployment situation in China has become serious. The current rate of unemployment in China is more than 15 per cent, while the Communist Party has described it as 5.5 per cent. He said that the people of the Chinese party have mastered the right to hide the figures. He alleged that the total net worth of 3000 leaders of the Chinese Communist Party is more than US $ 470 billion. These people are selfish, greedy and mean to their advantage.


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