Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Widong has said that India and China should take such steps of mutual cooperation that benefit both of them and not do things that both will suffer. Widong issued a statement that India-China border dispute should be resolved through peaceful negotiations to find a solution that is acceptable to both sides. The Chinese ambassador said, “The border dispute from the past is a sensitive and complex issue. We need to find appropriate and logical solutions through equal consultation and peaceful negotiation that accept both. ‘

Chinese ambassador gave three sources
Widong, through his statement, made three suggestions for friendly relations between India and China. First, India and China should be partners, not competitors. Second, India and China should seek peace, not conflict, and thirdly – India and China should take steps of mutual interest, not those which harm both.

Mention of bloody skirmish
Widong started his statement with a bloody clash between Indo-Chinese troops on June 15 in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. He said that this was a situation which neither India nor China would want to see. He said that now our forces have retreated based on the agreement reached at the negotiation of Commander Level.

China scared of growing mistrust among Indians?
The Chinese ambassador also took cognizance that after the Chinese soldiers’ deception of the Indian troops in Galvan, there has been an increase in mistrust of China in India. It seems that Widong felt it necessary to present his side’s clarification in anticipation of damage to China. He said, ‘After the recent incidents in Galvan Valley, some sections of Indians have started to make a wrong assumption about India-China relations, raising doubts about the consensus formed between the two leaders (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping). . This has hurt the bilateral relations.


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