There is currently peace in the LAC adjoining Arunachal Pradesh amid heavy tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. China has neither increased the deployment of its troops here nor is there any change in the general patrolling. Even during the patrolling, normal behavior is being done between the soldiers of both the countries. There is also a normal conversation between the two.

However, the Indian Army, taking precautionary measures, has increased its deployment here, including the entire LAC. This part of the LAC is already considered sensitive. Indian soldiers were martyred in LAC in 1975 before the bloody clash of June 15 in Galvan. Then Chinese soldiers ambushed the Indian Patrolling Party at Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Army alerts everywhere on LAC
According to sources, there is an Indian Army alert everywhere in the LAC after tensions rise in Eastern Ladakh. Deployment has been increased and patrolling has also been increased in sensitive areas. It was also speculated that China can do any action in Arunachal Pradesh, because this area has been sensitive before and there have been many clashes with the Chinese soldiers in the past. The situation seems to be normal here at the moment.

Patrolling continues from the areas like India and China in the same manner as in normal days. Earlier, when the soldiers of the two countries came face to face during patrolling, they would talk and join hands. For some time, Kovid-19 has avoided joining hands, but now normal practice continues there. Another officer said that the situation seems normal there now, but we will not even give China a chance to do any wrong act.

The situation in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh is different
He said that we feared that China might do some action here too, but at the moment everything seems normal. However, we are fully prepared to deal with every situation. A senior officer posted in the area for a long time said that the situation in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh are different. While there are already troops deployed everywhere in Arunachal Pradesh, there are many areas in Ladakh where there was no permanent deployment and soldiers of both countries used to come for patrolling and go back. Like Finger-4 area of ​​Pangong area, Chinese soldiers first tried to stop the patrolling of Indian soldiers and then came and settled in that area.


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