The case of the massacre, human rights abuses and atrocities of China’s Uygur Muslims has now reached the International Criminal Court. Many senior officials of the Communist Party and the Chinese Army have been accused in this case, including Chinese President Xi Jinping. Two cases involving the Uygur community have registered the case through lawyers from London.

Uygur case reached international court for the first time
This is the first time a case has been filed in the international court regarding the Uygur atrocities. British lawyers have filed complaints regarding the continued atrocities on the Uygur community in China and the extradition of thousands of Muslims to Cambodia and Tajikistan in violation of the law. In the 80-page document filed by the lawyers, the names of more than 30 Chinese officials, including President Jinping, are recorded.

China is not compelled to accept the court’s decision
China is not compelled to obey the order of the International Criminal Court. He had earlier refused to accept the international court order regarding the South China Sea. Now it has to be seen how long this case lasts in this court. China has already adopted a strict attitude towards the Uygurs.

What are the charges against China
China is accused of forcibly imprisoning millions of Uygur Muslims living in Xinjiang province in human rights detention camps. While millions were secretly murdered in the name of protest. Not only this, China is also forcibly sterilizing Uygur Muslims. So that their population does not increase. China is also accused of ending religious freedom of Uygur Muslims.

What is the trend of Muslim countries including Pakistan
So far no Muslim country has openly opposed China regarding the atrocities on Uygur Muslims. Not a word has emerged from the mouths of Muslims around the world, from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan to the Uygurs. All these countries do not want to fall prey to China’s enmity. However, their attitude towards Muslims is very strict in any other part of the earth.

Who are Uygur Muslims
Uygurs are a Turkic community living in Central Asia whose language Uygur is also very similar to the Ottoman language. The Uygurs are inhabited in part of the Tarim, Jangar and Tarpan basins. The Uygurs themselves call all of these areas as Ugistan, Eastern Turkistan and sometimes Chinese Turkistan. The region borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as well as China’s Gansu and Chinghai provinces and the Tibet Autonomous Region. In China, it is known as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and the area is about one-sixth of the area of ​​China.

History of Uygur
Today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was ruled by successive nomadic Ottoman Empire for nearly two thousand years. Uigur Khaganat is the chief among them, who ruled in the eighth and ninth centuries. The Uygurs established their separate empire. The medieval Uygur manuscript mentions Uygur Ali which means the country of Uygurs. The Chinese history of Uygur begins in 1884. During the Ching dynasty, the region was attacked by the Manchu government of China and claimed its territory. The region was then renamed Xinjiang which means ‘new frontier’ or ‘new territory’ in Mandarin. Twice in 1933 and 1944 the Uygur separatists declared the Republic of Independent Eastern Turkistan. In 1949 China annexed the territory. And renamed it in 1955 as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

China has population around 90 million
In the 2003 census in China, the population of Uygurs was said to be around 9 million, while in the unofficial estimate their population is more than that. The Uygur is the fifth largest of the 55 minority communities in China. Until 1949, 95% of the total population of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was Uygur Muslim, but after 60 years of communist rule in China, they are now only 45%.


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