US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lambasted China for the border dispute. He said that there is no neighboring country of China with which it has no border dispute. Recently, China has also mentioned its border dispute with Bhutan. He also praised India’s retaliation for the Chinese incursion into Ladakh.

India gave a befitting reply on the border dispute
On the India-China border dispute, Pompeo said that I spoke to the Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar about this. China acted aggressively without any provocation and India gave a befitting reply. The Chinese Communist Party recently referred to a border dispute with Bhutan. From the mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the Senkaku Islands of Vietnam in the sea, China’s border dispute. China has a pattern of inciting regional disputes. The world should not be allowed to continue doing such evil.

China surrounded by Corona virus
Pompeo said that China is afraid to allow its people to express feelings openly. China’s Communist Party has a credibility crisis. He has failed to tell the world the truth of the corona virus. In this world, millions of people have died so far.

America serious about Tittock, doing review
On the ban on the Chinese app Tick Talk, the US Secretary of State said that I want to put it in broader context. We are committed to protecting the privacy of American citizens and their data. We are constantly evaluating this to ensure the safety of Americans.

Attack on China over border dispute with Bhutan
Pompeo said that there is no neighboring country of China that can say that they know where their sovereignty is ending and the Chinese Communist Party will respect it. This is certainly true for the people of Bhutan. The world must come together to answer this. Pompeo said, “President Trump has taken seriously this growing expansionist efforts of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Jinping’s influence is not good for democracy
The US Secretary of State stated with full confidence in China’s actions that the world has seen the true colors of the Chinese Communist Party and I am more confident than ever that the world’s free people will understand the danger. He said, “Communist Party Secretary General Xi Jinping’s impact on the world is not very good for freedom and democracy.”


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