By creating a tense situation on the eastern Ladakh border with India, China has given the already unhappy world a chance to target it. In the event of a confrontation, the anti-Chinese US has opened its front against China. Welcoming the move to ban India’s 59 Chinese apps, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called China’s ruling Communist Party “unkind”.

India’s sovereignty, integrity will get a boost
Pompeo said on Wednesday that the mercilessness of the Communist Party of China affects the whole world. He said, “We welcome India’s move to ban some mobile apps.” Pompeo described these apps as part of the CCP’s surveillance and said the move to wipe out India’s apps would boost India’s sovereignty, integrity and national security, as stated by the Indian government itself.

America stopped exports to China
It has earlier banned the export of state-of-the-art defense equipment and technologies of American origin. Pompeo tweeted, “Today the US is going to ban Hong Kong on exporting defense equipment and dual use sensitive technologies.” If Beijing considers Hong Kong as a country, a system, then we must understand it also.

Demand for tick-talk ban in America too
At the same time, the US lawmakers have also appealed to the US government to consider the Tiketok ban. He says that small video sharing apps are a serious threat to the security of any country. Republican Senator John Cornyn, in a tweet tagging a news item published in The Washington Post, said, “India banned TikTok and dozens of Chinese apps after the bloody clash”. At the same time, Rick Crowford, a Republican MP, said, “Ticketock should have gone and it should have been banned earlier.”


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