In the midst of the India-China border dispute, the hawkish Chinese military strategists have warned Beijing to be better prepared to increase its border dispute with India. He said that the possibility of armed conflict between the two nuclear powers was increasing. Indeed, tensions between China and India increased 2 weeks ago in the Galvan Valley between Indian-controlled Ladakh and Chinese-controlled Aksai China.

Retired army officers of China are supporting
Many retired members of the Chinese military are taking the initiative to assist China in the event of war. It aims to provide more power to its border troops to respond to infiltration by the Indian Army. General and military theorist, chief of a Realted Air Force, said that the possibility of an all-out war between the two countries is low, requiring China to prepare for an escalation in an armed conflict.

China should not ignore India’s reaction
In an article posted on the WeChat account, Qiao said, we should not ignore India’s response, but we should keep our preparations full. He said that China should take the initiative if there is a military conflict along the border. He said that we should pain our opponents through small wars.

China should increase surveillance on its borders
Chinese naval expert and retired PLA naval officer Wang Yunfei said Beijing should increase its military to support border troops. Which gives them the power to stop infiltration without the permission of the Chinese government. He said that we should strengthen surveillance of the border area and immediately respond to every action of the Indian Army on the Line of Actual Control. Wang said this in an article published in the Ordnance Industry Science Technology, a Chinese journal based on defense industries and technologies.

Soldiers deployed on the border with tear gas shells
Wang has also said that the Indian Army has repeatedly crossed the border and destroyed Chinese camps, roads and other military facilities. If this happens again, the Chinese side should use more powerful measures to destroy the facilities and equipment of the opposing side. Wang also said that Chinese troops should remain stationed at the border with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and stun grenades.


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