Chinese travelers will no longer be able to stay in Delhi’s budget hotels and guest houses. The decision has been taken by the Delhi Hotel and Guest House Owners Association, an organization of budget hotels in Delhi today, on the call for a Chinese goods boycott of the Confederation of All India Traders. The organization says that it has been forced to take this decision in view of China’s nefarious antics. There are about 3000 budget hotels and guest houses in Delhi, with around 75 thousand rooms.

Delhi hoteliers are angry
This information was given by Mahendra Gupta, General Secretary, Delhi Hotel and Guest House Owners Association. He says that the way China is treating India, and the manner in which it has brutally murdered Indian soldiers, there is anger among all hoteliers in Delhi. At a time when CAT has campaigned for boycott of Chinese goods across the country, Hotel and guest house businessmen of Delhi will also take part in it. He said that now Chinese people will not be accommodated in Delhi’s budget hotels and guest houses.

Kat welcomed
CAT’s National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal welcomed the decision saying that it is clear that people from different sections of the country are joining the call for boycott of Chinese goods initiated by CAT. He said that in this connection, CAT will now contact national organizations of transport, farmers, hawkers, small scale industries, consumer entrepreneurs themselves, women entrepreneurs and connect them with this campaign.

Import of 1 lakh crore rupees will be reduced
He said that this time the people of India will join the determination to teach China a lesson and by December 2021, they will reduce the amount imported from China by 1 lakh crore rupees. This amount will be invested in the Indian economy, which will become the medium for the country’s growth.


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