In Nepal, the corona virus has worsened the situation and the general public has taken to the streets demanding better arrangements. Despite this, preparations are being made to bring 5 million surveillance vehicles from a Chinese company for its Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Nepal Police has stated this ‘need’ at a time when its own policemen are on the ground without PPE, gloves and masks. The move has been opposed by the country’s main opposition party, the Nepali Congress.

Two companies were shortlisted
According to a news portal of Nepal, Nepal Police Headquarters has speeded up the process of purchasing this vehicle. Inspector General of Nepal Police Thakur Gyawali has given instructions to the concerned department for this. Huawei’s Nepalese representative Honey Enterprise and Mobility Private Limited has been shortlisted for this. The process is now in its final stages on the advice of PM’s IT expert Asghar Ali.

Selected companies without tender?
According to sources, this vehicle will monitor the vehicles included in the PM’s convoy. It will convey the information of any accident to the control room through video report. It has been reported that the tender was called by the IT Directorate of Nepal Police on 2 March and the meeting was held before the auction on 21 March, but then the process was stopped. A similar meeting was also postponed on 2 May and 3 June but both companies were shortlisted on 17 June.

Government surrounded by allegations of corruption
The Nepali Congress has opposed the move and its representative Mininder Rajal has questioned whether the government has no other place left to spend the budget. Significantly, the Nepal government has been facing allegations of corruption for a long time. Students in Kathmandu have come out to protest against the government and the government has also been criticized for its inability to deal with the corona virus epidemic.

Question on eligibility for Corona
The students have alleged that the government does not have the ability to deal with the situation of corona virus and that there is a lack of support and critical action to the badly hit local business. The youth have said that the government is not taking any steps to end unemployment and the respect of the common man is falling. Groups of students protesting at Baneshwar in Kathmandu demanded the government to be more responsible for the corona.


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