A famous Chinese opera singer has been censored online because he looked like Chinese President Xi Jinping. China has been accused of taking too much strictness to uphold Jinping’s image. Earlier, the fictional character Winnie the Pooh was also banned in the country because Jinping was compared to him on the Internet.

Only connection to Jinping …
Media reports say the account has been blocked several times on social media platform Douyin, such as 63-year-old Liu Keqing’s Tik Tok, because he ‘violates Jinping’s looks.’ Keking lives in Berlin and has 41,000 followers on his Douyin account. He shares the singing tutorials on this and Jinping’s connection to his content is just that he looks like Jinping himself.

Hence the account has been banned
According to Radio Free International, on May 10, Keking uploaded a video in which he stated that his account was being censored due to ‘image violation’. He said that his account has been reported and banned because his profile picture is being violated. He further said, “I have given the documents related to my identity and am waiting for approval.”

He said that this is the third time that his account has been banned. This clip has been deleted. Keking stated that he opened another account but that too was deleted. He is currently active on social media but many comments are still blocked.


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