China on Wednesday attempted to pacify the suffering families of Chinese soldiers killed in clashes with Indian troops near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Galwan valley of Ladakh. However, China does not officially acknowledge that its soldiers were killed in the clash. Written by Hu Jin, editor of The Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “The dead have been treated with the highest honor in the military and this information will be conveyed to the society at the right time, so that the heroes can be honored and remembered.”

A video surfaced in China two days ago showed that the families of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers were angry that unlike the Indian soldiers, their martyrs did not get any respect. The video went viral on social media after which it was said in the editorial. Although the Global Times has acknowledged that less than 20 Chinese soldiers have been killed in violent clashes in Ladakh, but the Xi Jinping government has not yet broken the silence about it.

‘Top tribute to PLA officers and soldiers’
Hu wrote a ‘top tribute to PLA officers and soldiers’, writing, “China’s security and China’s peace depend on them. So far the Chinese military has not released any information about the dead. Ex-servicemen and media at the moment As a professional I understand that this is a necessary step in both countries, especially in India, with an aim not to provoke public opinion.

This is Beijing’s goodwill. Indian media has claimed that at least 40 Chinese soldiers have been killed and India has handed over the bodies of 16 Chinese soldiers. The editor of the Global Times in his article called these things ‘unchallenged rumors’.

PLA showed its ability to bring the situation under control
On the violent clash over the Ladakh issue, Hu has written out his anger, the PLA has taught the Indian side a lesson, which has always formed its wrong opinion on the determination of the Chinese people. The PLA has demonstrated its strength and determination when needed, Which is a strong deterrent for the Indian side, especially their front-line troops. The PLA has not only shown its ability to bring the situation under control, but also has a psychological advantage over the Indian Army on the ground.

Threatened India by Chines DOG
The editor of the Global Times (Chines DOG) threatened India, saying, “Don’t play with the PLA”. This is our stern warning to those who wish to take advantage of changes in the international situation to challenge China’s core interests. Hu also said that China has made a strong deployment along the border to give a tough fight to intruders along the border. He said that the purpose of this deployment is to avoid the occurrence of more conflicts.


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