China suffered a major setback at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday evening, when the US stopped its last-minute objection to a press statement. In fact, China on Monday condemned the terrorist attack on the Terror Attach at Karachi Stock Exchange, which had done its trick against India.

But his proposal has received a setback due to objections by two different countries. America was the second country to delay this press statement. Earlier on Tuesday, Germany had stopped expressing its objection a few minutes before the release of this statement. The move of the two countries is a quiet gesture towards their strong relationship with India.

Earlier, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had accused India of the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday. In this attack, 9 people including four security guards, a police officer and 4 terrorists were killed.

China had prepared this draft to express its strong relations with Pakistan, while expressing condolences to those killed in this attack. China presented this press note on Tuesday, and according to UNSC rules, if any member does not object to it by 4 pm local time in New York, the pass agreement is deemed to be.

It was with this intention that China introduced it under the ‘Silence’ procedure. This statement was the usual procedure to condemn such terrorist attacks, which the UNSC continues to issue from time to time after such attacks. Under the silence procedure, if no one objected to such a proposal till the deadline, then it is considered a pass.

But Germany intervened at around 4 pm on Tuesday evening. Germany’s ambassador to the UN said that Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi blamed India for this attack, which is unacceptable. On this, the Chinese ambassador strongly protested that the clock had passed past 4 pm. But on this proposal, the deadline was extended till 10 am on July 1 (Wednesday).

But just as the clock reached 10 o’clock today, America also expressed its objection to this proposal in the last moments. Experts believe that even if this statement is released now, the meaning of pushing China and Pakistan back to the UNSC is being seen as a global resentment against these two countries on a large scale.


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