Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has expressed confidence in the hydroxychloroquine drug after President Donald Trump of the US, the country most affected by the Corona virus. He said that with the help of this medicine, he will soon recover from the corona virus infection. It is not yet proven how effective this drug is against the corona virus. Significantly, more than 50 countries of the world, including America, Brazil, had bought crores of hydroxychloroquine from India. India is one of the major producers of this drug.

Investigation report came positive on Tuesday
Bolsonaro said that his Corona investigation report came back positive on Tuesday. The president told reporters that he underwent a lung x-ray after feeling fever, muscle cramps and restlessness. His fever subsided on Tuesday and he attributed this to hydroxychloroquine.

Criticism for removing mask
Bolsonaro retreated in front of reporters and removed his mask to show that he was healthy. There is a lot of criticism about his move. Right-wing leader Bolsonaro told reporters about his investigation report wearing a mask in front of reporters in the capital, Brasilia. While he has been in the discussion about moving among people without wearing a mask.

Bolsonaro ate hydroxychloroquine after Trump
Bolsonaro said I’m fine, normal. Even I want to take a walk here but due to medical suggestions I cannot do it. On Tuesday night, he posted a video on Facebook, in which he is seen taking a third dose of hydroxychloroquine. The drug is also endorsed by US President Donald Trump. However, in studies conducted in the UK and the US and by the World Health Organization, it was found that the drug is ineffective and is proving to be fatal at times due to its side effects on the heart.

Bolsonaro said- HCQ medicine working on me
Bolsonaro, taking a dose of this medicine with a glass of water, said that today I feel much better, so definitely it is working. Today we know that other remedies can also help in the treatment of corona virus. We know that none of them have proved their effectiveness scientifically but I am another person who is influencing this. Therefore, I am relying on hydroxychloroquine.

The second most affected country by Corona
Brazil is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of population. The population here is more than 21 crores. 66,868 people have died so far in the country from Kovid-19 and more than 1.6 million people have been infected. It is noteworthy that Bolsonaro did not pay attention to the severity of the epidemic for months. Due to which he had to face condemnation globally.


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