There will once again be a Corps Commander level meeting between India and the Chinese Army (India China) to end the deadlock on the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh.

Meeting will be held in silence
According to sources, this time the meeting will be held in Chushul. This is the Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) point made towards India. Having a meeting on the Indian side means that the meeting has been initiated by India and India has called the meeting. Prior to this, two meetings have been held at the Corps Commander level. Both times the meeting took place in Moldo in front of Chushul. Moldo is on the Chinese side.

Deadlock not ended even after talks
At the Corps Commander level meeting held on 22 June, the two sides had decided that the deadlock would be lifted and the troops would be slowly pushed back from the LAC. There was an agreement to discuss how to proceed on this. But a week passed after that but the situation at LAC did not change. But even after this conversation, the number of troops from China continued to increase and the Chinese army was also doing construction work between Finger-4 to Finger-8 in Pangong area.

China claimed
Instead of ending the deadlock, China continued to assert its claim on Galvan Valley. China also increased deployment of troops in the Depsang Plains and mobilized military equipment. India has also increased the deployment of its troops across the LAC. According to sources, China is not ready to back down from Finger-4.

Strong message from India
There was a strong message from India that it is up to China to end the deadlock because it was China who started it. Chinese troops obstructed the patrolling of the Indian Army and tried to change the status quo on the LAC. It has also been made clear from the Indian side that India will continue the construction work in its territory and China has no right to object to it.


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