India and China have once again agreed to a peaceful settlement on the Galwan Valley and Gogra Hot Springs. Both countries will slowly and authentically withdraw their forces from this area of ​​eastern Ladakh. Earlier, during the military talks between the two countries, it was agreed to return to the former position but then the tension was increased due to the Chinese troops not following the agreement. Due to this, on 15 June, there was a bloody struggle between the soldiers of both the countries.

Although no success has been achieved regarding Pangong So (lake), the situation is still clear on the conflict between the two countries. PLA (Chinese) soldiers have built a large number of bunkers here and have fortified the area. His troops have captured the highest peak here after having captured Finger – 4 to 8.

“Both sides want to reduce the current tension rapidly and agree to retreat from here.” Let me tell you that this marathon meeting, which lasted 12 hours at the military level, was the third such meeting between the two countries after June 6. The meeting was led by 14 Corps Commander Lieutenant General Harinder Singh from India, while South Xinjiang Military District Chief Major General Louis Lin from China participated in the talks.

However, this is a long-running process, in which a lot of things will have to be re-introduced. This time India will keep a watchful eye on every move of China’s retreat. He will have to see if China is evacuating the patroling points (PP) 14, 15 and 17A present in the Galvan Valley and Hot Spring area that entered Indian territory. This peak on the northern shore of Pangong So Lake is strategically important.

Following the attack on unarmed Indian troops by the Chinese Army on PP 14 on 15 June, the mutual trust of the two countries has deepened. 20 Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred due to this deception of China sitting before the plan of attack. China had also suffered a major loss in this conflict, although China has not revealed the number of such major losses to itself.

‘China had agreed to withdraw from Galvan and Hot Spring in the meeting held on 6 and 22 June, but the PLA’s promise was not shown in concrete terms on the ground. Pangong So has also been difficult to find a solution in both countries, and the PLA is in no hurry to retreat from here. ‘


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