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India has expelled Chinese tires. The government has imposed a strict ban on importing rubber tires in India. This will affect the tires coming from 20 countries to India, including those coming from Thailand and China. Under the ban, it will be mandatory for the importer to get a license, without this, you will not be able to get tires.

Restriction on these tires
The tires which are banned include motor cars, racing cars, cars, buses, motorcycles and bicycles. However, it does not include truck tires. Tire market expert Vipin Kumar says “What resources does China have that India does not have. We want India to have the same facilities, so that the product comes but does not sell.” We should have this much capability. This Modi ji has decided that this will give our industry time to be compressed, to improve, to make it better than China. Now it happens that any man becomes an importer. Thrown in the market, there is not much tension, but now if the license policy is implemented, it will be restructured, if it starts coming less then maybe it will also reach the same price where the Indian prize is better.

He said that first hand tires come from China. China will run at its speed, it is not going to stop, in such a big epidemic, it will not stop with small things. Ok, India is the biggest market in today’s debt, China will be shocked by the economy because India is a big market and it will find some solution somewhere or the other, where will it take so much production. “

Will China come to the table of agreement?
Vipin Kumar said that “Hundred percent should come, when there will be an impact in the economy, then it will come to an agreement. Right now it is roaming up and down. If it can be negotiated by bringing it somewhere, it will be down in one. Sale will be reduced, production is high, So China will have a very bad effect on where it will go. China has captured so much market that the space is decreasing for the Indian company, the introduction of licenses will affect the domestic companies that they will get the time to become competitive and in terms of price or quality, they can do better. Will find. “

At the same time, the businessman Jaswinder Singh says that there is a very good plus point for Indian companies that we will get some benefit and our product which was our product. If we talk about supply and demand, then he did not match. Production was very high, consumption is low. It was low because Chinese stock was coming. Now the benefit will be matched by the gap between supply and demand.


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