On the one hand, China has fueled a tense situation in India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, while on the other hand, South China Sea is also adopting an aggressive attitude. The corona virus is also adopting tough attitude in front of the world. In view of China’s recent activities, the US has described it as such a big threat that it has started withdrawing its forces from Europe and deploying in Asia.

US forces being removed from Europe
China’s Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has described China as a threat to India and Southeast Asia, and has said that because of that, the US has started reducing its forces in Europe. Pompeo was questioned as to why the US Army contingent in Germany was reduced. Mike said that the army is being shifted to another place from there.

‘Communist Party is a threat’
Mike said, “With the action of the Communist Party of China, it seems that there is a danger in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine and South China Sea. The US military has been properly deployed to meet these challenges of our time. Pompeo said the Trump administration has strategically reviewed the deployment of US military in two years. The US has seen the dangers and understood how to share resources such as cyber, intelligence and military.

‘The whole world is facing China’
Earlier Pompeo said that he has accepted the proposal of the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borel to negotiate on China and that he will soon go to Europe. Pompeo said that it is not America that is facing China, the whole world is facing China. Pompeo has said, “I spoke to the European Union’s foreign ministers this month and got a lot of feedback about the Communist Party of China, Many facts came to the fore, including the provocative actions of the People’s Liberation Army. It referred to its aggression in the South China Sea, deadly skirmishes with India and threats against peaceful neighbors. ‘


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