Amid the ongoing military tension in Ladakh, the Indian Air Force is keeping a close eye on air bases in China’s Tibet and Xinjiang provinces. The Chinese Air Force has deployed fighter jets, bomber aircraft, drones and other aircraft in view of the tension at these bases. On the other hand, the Indian Air Force is also fully prepared to respond vigorously to any nefarious act of China.

Defense sources said that there have been ‘no deployment of any new or major weapons’ at the Chinese air force at Xinjiang’s Hotan and Kashgar, Tibet’s Gargunsa, Lhasa-Gonggar and Shigtse airbases. Some of these airbases serve as civil airports. Even then, the Indian Army and Air Force have deployed 3488 km long border with China according to their ‘full combat capability’.

Ground-to-air missiles deployed
He said that ground-to-air missiles and military equipment have also been deployed along the border to respond to any air threat. India has deployed Sukhoi-30 MKI, MiG-29 and Jaguar bombers at its forward air base in Ladakh. Sources said that the Chinese Air Force has four times as many (2100) fighter jets and bomber aircraft as compared to India, but the important thing is how many planes the dragon will deploy against us in the event of a conventional military collision.

Currently, 35 to 40 J-11, J-8 and other fighter jets have been deployed at Hotan Airbase. Apart from this, some surveillance aircraft and aviation drone aircraft have also been deployed. At the same time, China has deployed 6 to 8 H-6K bombers in Kashgar. A source said, “The Indian Air Force can deploy fighter jets more quickly and in greater quantities than the Chinese Air Force to weaken China’s ground troops.”

Indian Air Force has a strategic edge
The source said that even though the Indian Air Force is struggling with the challenge of lesser aircraft to meet the joint challenge of China and Pakistan, it has an edge over the Chinese Air Force in terms of quality. Apart from this, 36 new Rafale fighter aircraft are going to be added to the Indian Air Force soon. On the other hand, the Air Force of the PLA is also suffering loss due to the high altitude areas. This adversely affects their weapons and fuel carrying capacity.


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