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The situation has become very tense after the bloody conflict in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh in India and China. Meanwhile, according to sources, India has given the army complete freedom to take a decision. Explain that 20 Indian soldiers have been martyred in the conflict with the Chinese Army. There is a lot of anger in the country after China’s deception.

Open rebate given to army
According to sources, the army has been allowed to take a decision on its own. A decision in this regard has been taken in the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs. Meanwhile, now the Defense Minister, the Chief of the three Army are constantly meeting.

PM Modi’s close watch on every incident
There was a conversation between PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on the incident in Galwan till late on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is meeting again today with the three army chiefs and CDS General Bipin Rawat on the current situation along the border.

Army has the freedom to decide according to the situation
Sources said that the government has given permission to the army to do whatever the army considers appropriate in the Galvan valley. Explain that there has been tension between the troops of India and China on the Ladakh border for more than a month. This tension turned into a bloody conflict on Monday. In this conflict, 20 Indian soldiers were killed while 43 Chinese soldiers were killed.


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