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China seems less interested in removing tension on the border. Recent satellite photos show this. Pangong Tso where Chinese forces have infiltrated, now they are making new tricks to reveal their possession. Fresh pictures show that China has carved a large map of its country between Finger 4 and 5 in Pangong Tso. A trail has also been built nearby that the satellite has captured. Surprisingly, China is doing all these things when it has created a dialogue on one side. Corps commanders are meeting India and China in Chushul, near Pangong Tso.

Chinese possession on finger 4 to 8
The hills on the shore of the lake are called Fingers. According to India, it has the right of patrolling Finger 1 to 8 while China considers Finger 4 as its territory. Both forces have clashed several times near Finger 4. At this time, Chinese forces are present on Finger 4 and they have prepared a good strength behind.

China has built a base near the lake
Satellite pictures of PlanetLabs show that China has accumulated considerable force not only on the banks of the lake, but also near the ridgeline located 8 kilometers away. Tents, huts and a variety of shelters have been detected. In many places between Finger 4 to 8, Chinese posts have been captured in satellite pictures.

China Pole is opening satellite photos
Satellite photographs appearing daily show the movement of China. Finger 5 (on the left) you can clearly see how extensively China has constructed. Chinese construction is also seen on the edge of Finger 4.

Gradually China increased troops on the lake
China’s presence in Pangong Tso is increasing in small groups. According to the open source intelligence analyst Detresfa, China’s support position is also visible 19 km south of the lake.

India’s position is very clear
India has made it clear at military level meetings and diplomatic level that the situation in LAC should be similar to that before May 5.


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