After the violent clash between India and China Army in Ladakh, India continued to negotiate with China and the Dragon continued to deploy its People’s Liberation Army in Ladakh from behind the curtain. After this, India took a tough stance and first banned 59 apps from China and now on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has heard bluntly from Ladakh. This is causing China to swoon and it is chanting ‘friendship’. Chinese Ambassador to India Ji Rong has said that he is not an expansionist.

Friendly cooperation is made
Rong tweeted, ‘China demarcated peaceful agreements with 12 of its 14 neighbors and transformed the border on land into friendly cooperation. To say that China is expansionist, to exaggerate the dispute in a concocted way with neighbors is baseless. In fact, China has claimed many areas of India before and is still doing so. Keeping this in mind, PM Modi spoke on ‘expansionism’. He made it clear that expansionary policies will no longer work.

India only disputes with these countries
Actually, China’s dispute over land is not just with India. He has also been asserting his rights over Taiwan. At the same time, China does not desist from showing its power in the South China Sea, due to which there is tension in its military relations with America and Australia. Recently, it has also started raiding Japan in the East China Sea where China asserts its claim on the Sekaku island. At this time the world is watching him against his oppressive policies in Hong Kong.

Russia’s city also claimed by china
Recently the editor of China’s official news channel CGTN, Shen Siwai, claimed that the city of Vladivostok in Russia was part of China before 1860. He said the city was formerly known as Hashenwai and was snatched from Russia by a unilateral treaty. Vladivostok city of Russia is the main base of its military fleet stationed in the Pacific Ocean. Vladivostok is the most important city in Russia, commercially and historically. Most of the trade from Russia goes through this port. In World War II, a fierce battle was fought between the armies of Germany and Russia here.

PM met soldiers in Ladakh
At the same time, PM Modi reached Leh on Friday morning where he took an update on the action of the Chinese army on the border at the Army Camp in Neemu. He met and encouraged the army and ITBP jawans. During this time, along with PM Modi, CDS Bipin Rawat and Army Chief were also present. After this, PM Modi reached Ladakh and met the wounded soldiers in the battle with the Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley.


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