Myanmar has now fiercely raged against China threatening India and Japan. The Myanmar Army Chief in a terse tone warned China not to give weapons to terrorist groups here. The General also sought cooperation from the international community regarding this. Let me tell you that Myanmar is considered to be the closest neighbor of China in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar army chief told China guilty
In an interview given to Russia’s official channel Zvezda, Myanmar Army Chief General Min Aung Hling said that there are strong forces behind the terrorist groups active on their soil. He also called for international cooperation for this. Explain that the ‘strong forces’ of the General are being seen in the context of China.

China gives weapons to Arakan Army
Myanmar military spokesman Brigadier General Joo Min Tun later elaborated on the remarks made by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Myanmar. The spokesman said the Army Chief was referring to the Arakan Army (AA) and the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Both these terrorist organizations are active in Rakhine State in western Myanmar adjoining China.

This reason behind giving weapons to terrorists
China wants Myanmar to approve several projects for its belt and road project. For this, in order to pressure the Myanmar government, they give weapons to these terrorist groups. While Myanmar continues to deny involvement in it. Not only this, China is also encouraging terrorist groups of India to attack in Kashmir.

Surface to air missile found near terrorists in raid
He said that the foreign country is behind the Arakan Army. Since 2019, this terrorist organization has been attacking the Myanmar Army through China-made weapons and land mine. In November 2019, the Myanmar Army seized a large number of weapons from the banned leg National Liberation Army during a raid. It also included surface to air missiles. It is said that the missiles found during this raid were around 70000 to 90000 US dollars. These weapons were Made in China.

Myanmar terrorists use Chinese weapons
Terrorist organizations operating in Myanmar use Chinese-made weapons to attack security forces. It is said that the Communist Party of China supplies arms to these terrorist groups to strengthen its hold in Myanmar. These terrorist groups also have close ties with the Chinese military.

China rejects allegations
China has always denied allegations that it supplies arms to armed rebel groups in Myanmar. However, these claims of China in Myanmar have always been doubted. In January this year, while hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping, Senior General Hling stated Myanmar’s concerns about these weapons.


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