These reports are a being informed which of the girl that he girl is he bad connection due to which India and Nepal. Is it possible that the long-standing friendship between India and Nepal, which is also based on the relationship between bread and daughter, deteriorated due to the efforts of a woman? The punishment did not stop in weak hands – it was said by Acharya Chanakya. Such a supreme leader of China trapped in a woman’s shaking that he hated India

This is a chinese woman
This woman, with whom it is being said that this woman has played a big role in spoiling Nepal-India relations, is a Chinese woman who is serving as a Chinese diplomat in Nepal. The quality of its services can only be gauged from the fact that this woman is in constant contact with every big politician in Nepal. Its active contacts are more personal which the leaders of Nepal do not seem to ignore in any way, especially to Nepalese Prime Minister Khadag Prasad Oli. It is learned that the strategy created by this Chinese woman diplomat with her ‘willful proactive’ efforts was very successful and Indo-Nepal relations derailed.

This woman is a diplomat in Nepal
The name of this Chinese woman who became a diplomat in Nepal is Hou Yankee. Hou Yankee’s personal contribution to India’s relations with Nepal can be considered a political contribution, due to which Nepal came close to China and moved away from India. In Nepal, diplomat Hou Yankee has been successful in tricking Nepal’s leaders against India with his beautiful diplomatic activism.

Hou Yankee continues to inspire Oli
The biggest thing that Hou Yankee did was that she came very close to the Prime Minister of Nepal, Kharag Prasad Oli, and after winning her trust, she provoked Oli against India and created a border dispute. Not only this, he also asked Oli to take steps to redefine the map of Nepal, which played the biggest role in India’s relations with Nepal. And in today’s date, the credit of sending Oli to the mouth of unemployment also goes to this woman.


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