China, which is raising the border dispute in Ladakh with India, has now claimed Russia’s city of Vladivostok. Shen Siwai, editor of the Chinese government news channel CGTN, claimed that the city of Vladivostok in Russia was part of China before 1860. Not only this, he also said that this city was earlier known as Hashenwai. Which was snatched from China under a unilateral treaty with Russia.

Why CGTN editor’s comment is so important
All the media organizations in China are all government. People sitting in it write and speak anything at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. It is said that anything written in Chinese media reflects the thinking of the government there. In such a situation, Shane Sewai’s tweet becomes important. China’s relations with Russia have also soured in recent times.

Accused of stealing secret file related to submarine
Russia had a few days ago accused the Chinese intelligence agency of stealing the top secret file associated with the submarine. In this case, Russia also arrested one of its citizens. The country has been accused of malfeasance. The accused was in a large position in the Russian government, who had assigned this file to China.

Which countries in Asia are threatened by China
India is most threatened by China’s expansionist policies in Asia. A direct example of this is found in the gathering of the Chinese army in Ladakh. Apart from this, tension is also high in China and Japan on the islands located in the East China Sea. Recently, Japan had driven a Chinese submarine out of its waters. China has also openly threatened the use of military force on Taiwan. These days Chinese fighter jets have also violated Taiwan’s airspace several times. At the same time, China also has disputes with the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Vladivostok is Russia’s largest naval base
The city of Whidivostok of Russia is the main base of its fleet deployed in the Pacific Ocean. Located in the northeast of Russia, this city is the capital of the Primorsky Krai state. The city is located near the border of China and North Korea. Vladivostok is the most important city in Russia, commercially and historically. Most of the trade from Russia goes through this port. In World War II, a fierce battle was fought between the armies of Germany and Russia here.


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