The slogan of boycotting Hindi-Chinese buy-bys and Chinese products has been raised in the country amid the India-China border dispute. The government has also geared up to reduce dependence on Chinese goods and make the country self-reliant and many steps are being taken for this. Experts believe that China can spy India through electrical equipment being imported into India.

The government says that the import of electrical goods, equipment available in the domestic market will also stop soon. If some goods have to be imported somewhere, then in the next three years, the facility to manufacture all the imported goods in the country will be created. For this, tax exemption will be given and necessary support will also be given.

The malware testing will be done on all the important items which will be imported. Goods that are being imported at this time will be tested properly, ie there is no such thing as spying.

The Energy Minister has given information in the high-level meeting of the power sector, along with these decisions, the government has also taken some other decisions. Cheap imports of solar modules, solar cells, solar inverter will be closed. Basic custom duty will be imposed on them. Explain that till now only 20% safeguard duty is levied on solar goods coming from China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

According to the Ministry of Energy, basic customs duty will be imposed from August 2020. That is, solar panels coming from abroad will be expensive. Those developers who encourage the use of domestic equipment will be given loans at low interest.

The Ministry of Energy says that the Concession Custom Duty Certificate will be discontinued on renewable energy goods. It has been seen that capacitor conductor transformers, industrial equipment, transmission towers, cables are all being imported in India despite being of good quality. The government wants to reduce imports by increasing them under a self-sufficient campaign. It is also important to make the electricity sector self-sufficient because if power is stopped on the basis of certain equipment, then the work of sensitive areas like health, defense can be affected. Therefore, becoming full indigenous in the matter of electricity has become the government’s priority.


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