Amidst the border dispute with India, Nepal has been facing a big challenge in front of Nepal, which is increasing its proximity to China. In this context, Nepali Congress, Nepal’s opposition party, has proposed seeking to regulate China’s encroachment in the lower house of parliament. Actually, according to the report of Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture, China has occupied a total of 10 places in the country. Not only this, Beijing has converted and captured 33 hectares of Nepalese land by changing the stream of rivers.

China accused of encroachment
Nepali Congress MP Devendra Raj Kandel, Satya Narayan Sharma Khanal and Sanjay Kumar Gautam have proposed the proposal. According to this, ‘China has encroached on 64 hectares of land in Dolka, Humla, Sindhupalchauk, Sankhuvasabha, Gorkha and Rasuwa districts.’ It has also been claimed that 35 pillars have been removed along the border, making the cotton village of North Gorkha in the China Tibet region. 72 houses in Gorkha’s Kappa village and 18 homes in Darchula have come under Chinese territory.

Oli appealed for action
Earlier, the Vice President of the opposition Nepali Congress and the former Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Bimalinder Nidhi, alleged that China is forcibly occupying Nepal’s land. He appealed to the KP Oli government to take action against the occupation of China’s Himalayas and Nepalese village Rui. He also said that the Chinese Communist Party is training the government and it should respond to the whole matter.

Will a large part of Nepal be gone?
The Chinese government is building for a road network in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), which has changed the course of rivers and tributaries and is flowing towards Nepal. The document received by news agency ANI claimed that if it continues, a large part of Nepal will move to TAR. This document warns that if steps are not taken in time, Nepal will lose more land.

Nepal’s foreign minister talked to America
On the other hand, Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali has also talked to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo tweeted that Pradeep discussed several issues, including the cooperation of the two countries to deal with the corona virus epidemic. Mike has spoken of strengthening cooperation between the two countries. Significantly, in the last days, relations between Nepal and China have been seen to be deepening while China and America are standing face to face.


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