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The statement from the Prime Minister’s Office has finally come on the India and Chinese military clash in Ladakh. It was told that on June 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold an all-party meeting, in which the presidents of various political parties have been invited. The latest situation of the India-China border will be discussed in the meeting.

The tweet of the Prime Minister’s Office stated that this meeting will be held on June 19 at 5 pm. This all-party meeting will be virtual because of the corona virus epidemic. Nothing has been told as to which party will be called in the meeting.

Rajnath Singh on martyrdom of soldiers, country will not forget
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s first statement on the violent clash of Galvan Valley has also come today. Rajnath Singh wrote, ‘The martyrdom of soldiers in Galvan is very sad and disturbing. The soldiers bravely performed their duty and were martyred. ‘ Rajnath Singh further said that the country will never forget the martyrdom of soldiers and I am with the family of the martyrs. In difficult times, the country stands shoulder to shoulder. We are proud of the bravery of Indian soldiers.

A bloody clash took place between India and Chinese troops on Monday night in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in this. It also included Colonel rank officer Santosh Babu. At the same time, there are reports of 40 Chinese casualties. But he has kept the figure still hidden. The conflict took place at a time when talks were going on between the two countries to reduce tension on the border.

The local commander level met with Brigade Commander Level on Monday morning. The commanding officer (colonel) spoke to the local commander of China. In the evening the officers of the Indian Army arrived at PP-14 in Galvan Valley from where the Chinese troops were to retreat. This was decided in the conversation. Then there were 10–12 Chinese soldiers. Suddenly many soldiers came. The Indian officer and his two soldiers were attacked with stones and iron rods. The Indian soldiers were shocked and responded. A large number of Indian soldiers also reached that point and violent clashes continued till midnight.


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