People have started protesting about the Chinese ambassador’s intervention in Nepal’s domestic politics. Chinese Ambassador Hou Yankee is constantly meeting with Communist Party leaders to save the chair of Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. According to Nepal’s media reports, Yankee is engaged in persuading the leaders of the opposing camp to keep Oli in power. Intense questions have now arisen in Nepal.

On Tuesday, students and students of Nepal protested near the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu carrying anti-China posters. Nepali students took out a march against Chinese Ambassador Hou Yankee for interfering in Nepal’s politics.

His banners had slogans like ‘Go back to China’, ‘Chinese Ambassador stay in your embassy, ​​not in the house of our leaders’. In Nepal’s media too, there is growing criticism about the Chinese Ambassador’s increasing activism in politics.

Prime Minister of Nepal K.K. Senior party leaders are demanding resignation from P. Sharma Oli. The front against Oli is being led by former Prime Minister and party chief Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda and senior leader Madhav Nepal. 30 members of the 44-member Standing Committee of the Nepal Communist Party demanded the resignation of both Oli’s party chief and Prime Minister. Apart from Prachanda and Madhav Nepal, these include senior leaders like Jhala Nath and Bamdev Gautam. When there is turmoil in Nepal’s domestic politics, questions arise about the open interference of the Chinese ambassador.

She has met all government officials and top leaders of the party in Nepal in the last few days. Last week, Hou met Nepal’s President Bidya Bhandari and Nepal Communist Party’s senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal. Even the Foreign Ministry is not being informed about the meeting of the Chinese Ambassador with the President of Nepal.

On Monday, the Chinese ambassador also met another senior leader of the party, Hou, another leader of the anti-Oli camp, Jhala Nath Khanal. According to a close friend of Jhala, in this meeting too there was discussion about the arrogance in national politics. Actually, Oli’s inclination has been towards China, so China does not want any split in the party and pro-China Oli should be out of power.

Dinesh Bhattari, Nepal’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has said that meeting with senior leader of Yankee’s party Madhav Nepal is unpredictable and uncomfortable. While it is not uncommon for a Chinese embassy or foreign ambassador to meet leaders, the context behind it should be clear. The Chinese ambassador is meeting the leaders at a time when the ruling party Nepal Communist Party has split into two factions and the dispute between them has reached a peak. When there was a dispute within the party on 1 May, he had many political meetings.

Bhattari said that China wants to maintain unity in the Communist Party for its own interests, but if it interferes in this way again and again, other powerful countries in Nepal may be angry. Our neighbors and friends should understand that we are a politically very sensitive region.

Bhattari further said that protocols are not being followed in the meetings of the Chinese Ambassador. It is a rule that a representative of the Ministry of External Affairs should be present in such meetings, but no information is being shared from both sides regarding the Chinese Ambassador’s meetings with Nepali leaders.

Political analyst Uddhab Pyakurel has also objected to the Chinese ambassador’s intervention. He said that NCP leaders were critical of India’s interference in Nepal’s domestic affairs, but now when Chinese officials and ambassadors are interfering, NCP leaders have taken a lull.

Another political analyst from Nepal, Jai Nisht, has said that information is not coming out about Yankee’s meeting, it means that she went to try to resolve the differences going on within the party. Nisht said that China’s interference in the internal politics of Nepal has increased in the last five-six years and this is also evidence of China’s economic and military strength in the region.

He said, until a few years ago, China adopted a balanced foreign policy on Nepal and invested very little here compared to other neighboring countries. China did not do anything that would accuse it of interfering in the internal affairs of Nepal, but now all these things are part of the past. Now China’s foreign policy has become aggressive regarding Nepal. However, if China increases its activities in Nepal, it will create uproar within the country rather than helping Nepal.

However, party spokesperson Narayan Kazi Shrestha has dismissed these allegations on social media. He said, we reject the conspiracy theory that the internal politics of our country is going on the directions of foreign forces. Nepal is a sovereign country which is capable of making its own decisions. We oppose any tendency to interfere in our internal affairs. Shrestha said that his tweet was not about any one.

He said, PM Oli had said that India is using its power to topple their government and now people are saying that the Chinese ambassador is trying to resolve the differences between NCP leaders. My view is that we are free and can resolve our differences on our own.


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