Getting involved with Indian troops in the Galvan valley of Ladakh is too heavy for the Communist government of China. Both sides suffered damage in this violent clash. 20 Indian Army personnel, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred. India confirmed this and the entire country paid tribute to the martyrs, while China has not yet released the figure of its dead soldiers.

Yang Jinali, the son of a former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has claimed that more than 100 Chinese soldiers have been killed by the Indian Army in the Galvan Valley, but the Chinese government is not deliberately releasing the figure. Yang said that if told, the problems will arise only for Chinese President Jinping and there will be rebellion in the party.

Jianli has written that the PLA has been a core part of Chinese power for a long time. If the feelings of the PLA cadre working in the service of the country are hurt, then it will join the retiring troops and barricade against the government of the country.

The article published in the Washington Post stated that Beijing fears that if it believes that more of its own soldiers were killed than India, unrest may spread in the country and the CCP’s power may also be at stake.

He said that when asked by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian how many soldiers were killed in this clash, he clearly said that he had no information about it. The next day, when Indian media reported to him that there were more than 40 Chinese soldiers killed, he called it misinformation.

This attitude of the Communist government towards the soldiers has hurt the PLA more than 5 million ex-servicemen and they are getting angry against the government. Nothing has been written by the Chinese government newspaper Global Times yet on Yang Jilani’s claim, but the Chinese army has suffered terrible losses in the Galvan Valley.


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