Taiwan has begun preparations to further strengthen its military capability to respond vigorously to any snowfall of China. These days Taiwan and American Navy are doing maneuvers in South China Sea. In response to which China has started violating Taiwanese airspace. Taiwan’s Navy and Airforce are on alert to deal with any type of aggressive attitude of China.

Taiwanese army’s backup plan presented
President Tsai Ing-wen has made several new announcements to further strengthen the reserve military forces to increase Taiwan’s military strength. Under which the Reserve Force will be developed as a strong backup for the Taiwanese army. Tsai announced these reforms during an award ceremony held at the Armed Forces Reserve Command.

Preparation to form a reserve force similar to the army
Under which a reserve force will be created which will be as strong as the regular armed forces. They will be given all the weapons and military equipment used by the Taiwanese army. In addition, strategic understanding between different forces and close cooperation between various government departments and agencies will also be developed.

China intensified action in recent times
This announcement by the Taiwanese president is significant because China has implemented the National Security Act in Hong Kong today and has also threatened to merge Taiwan under a two-nation system. Apart from this, China has always threatened to combine Taiwan with military force in its country. In recent times, Taiwanese airspace has also been violated by Chinese aircraft several times.

Why is there tension in China and Taiwan
In 1949, the Communist Party led by Maotse Tung overthrew the Comingtang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek formed his government by moving to the island of Taiwan. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at that time. So they did not take control of the island by crossing the sea. Since then Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.

China considers Taiwan its share
China considers Taiwan an integral part. The Chinese Communist Party has also been emphasizing the use of military for this. Taiwan also has its own army. Which also has the support of America. However, relations with China have deteriorated ever since the Democratic Progressive Party came to power in Taiwan.


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