Businessmen have decided that this time India will celebrate 100 percent Indian Diwali. The Confederation of All India Traders, an organization of traders, has extended its national campaign “Indian goods – our pride” by boycott Chinese goods boycott. Under this, the organization has called upon traders and people across the country to celebrate this year’s Diwali as “Hindustani Diwali” in a big way. Kat has appealed to the common people to pledge not to use any Chinese goods during this year’s Diwali.

CAT (CAIT) has said that this year’s Diwali will be used to make diyas and clay sculptures of its country, decorative items such as electric bulbs and skirting and other Indian goods in India on the festival of Diwali. Similarly, Rakhi and Janmashtami and other festivals will also be celebrated using Indian items only in accordance with Indian culture. Kat also said that any trader in the country would sell any Chinese goods in India. CAT has requested traders not to import from China anymore, that if any trader has stock of Chinese goods, then sell this stock by July 15.

Chinese intrusion has occurred in festivals
In a joint statement issued here today, CAT National President BC Bhartia and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that Chinese goods have become more intrusive in Indian festivals over the years. It is very important to stop it in the interest of the country. At a time when China is aggressively deploying its troops along the border of Ladakh and trying to make India a base in neighboring Nepal with a view to encircling India with its army, it is the campaign to boycott Chinese goods. The appropriate answer would be.

Government’s decision upheld
Bhartia and Khandelwal applauded the central government and several state governments and justified the government’s decision to ban the entry of Chinese goods into the country or to suspend various contracts awarded to sugar companies for the time being. CAT has fully supported the various steps taken by the government on behalf of the 7 crore traders of the country and said that all the traders of the country stand with Prime Minister Modi and Indian Army to their full potential.


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